Various movimento Stradivarius, 2021 | Beatrice Vendramin

 Various movimento Stradivarius, 2021 |  Beatrice Vendramin

Stradivarius Varius 2021 movement: the brand launches #LOVEALLYOURVARIUS in recognition of individual diversity.

Various movimento Stradivarius, 2021: the social movement that bets on its own diversity, on not defining itself. Being Varius means being different, always keeping the essence of yourself. Beatrice Vendramin not only joins the movement, but accompanies Stradivarius as a brand ambassador during 2021.

Various Stradiuarius movimento 2021 video #LOVEALLYOURVARIUS

Many times, without even knowing us, people already take who we are for granted and label us. They do it because of what they see on our social networks, how we dress or how we express ourselves. But who isn’t tired of those labels?

The Varius movement has been shaking social networks around the world for a few days now. Now Stradivarius recognizes that he is the creator of this phenomenon, through the profile Instagram @IAMVARIUS, and launches a clear question to the world with a single answer: how many labels do you need to define yourself? None. We are all Varius.

A manifesto with 8 international ambassadors who give voice to this movement through #LOVEALLYOURVARIUS. The actresses Beatrice Vendramin, from Italy, Julia Wieniawa, from Poland, or Renata Notni, from Mexico, the Spanish singer Nía Correia and the model Lorraine Duran, the Russian artist Sasha Spilberg, the French digital celebrity @mayadorable, or the Dutch influencer @queenofjetlags, are the protagonists of Varius, all reaching a community of over 17 million people around the world.

Hundreds of international influencers and thousands of women around the world are joining – and the numbers keep increasing. They are saying it loud and clear: why be a lonely girl if we can be Varius?

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