This Hong Kong entrepreneur is instructing hundreds of hundreds with his ‘Uber for tutoring’ app

This Hong Kong entrepreneur is instructing hundreds of hundreds with his ‘Uber for tutoring’ app

When on-demand training app Snapask emerged on the scene in 2015, it used to be snappy dubbed the “Uber” for tutoring.

“I enlighten other folks uncover us because we present the similar make of convenience for users,” founder and CEO Timothy Yu said of the characterization.

The Hong Kong company used to be then honest a younger commence-up, serving 100,000 students. But esteem the celebrated dash-hailing platform, it has been shifting in the quickly lane in the two years since.

This day, the four-300 and sixty five days-primitive platform, which suits students with qualified tutors for interactive inquire-and-reply classes, has connected bigger than two million users with 250,000 educators all the plot in which by strategy of eight countries. It has moreover amassed over $20 million in funding along the reach.

And to mediate, it used to be all born out of laziness.

That’s fine unheard of the plot in which it started. From being a indolent person…

Timothy Yu

founder and CEO, Snapask

‘Uber for tutoring’

In 2008, whereas Uber used to be honest a imaginative and prescient in its founder Travis Kalanick’s mind, Yu used to be at college rising bored to loss of life of the energy he used to be losing on his side job.

Just like the overwhelming majority of school students in Hong Kong, Yu used to be working as a highschool tutor to fund his review in the famously costly metropolis. But he snappy grew drained of the “inefficient” private tutor mannequin, which on the whole involves quite loads of unpaid hours spent planning and commuting to students every week.

Seeing the proliferation of technology and its skill to enable faraway companies, the finance student thought there needs to be an even bigger reach.

Snapask’s app interface


“We began to peek how apps had modified the reach we thought companies,” Yu, now 30, urged CNBC Assign It no longer too long ago in Hong Kong. “So I started pondering about how I would possibly well also transfer my work online.”

“That’s fine unheard of the plot in which it started. From being a indolent person (pondering) I make no longer need to educate anymore, to finding that it will certainly be a enterprise mannequin,” the Forbes 30 Beneath 30 entrepreneur said laughing.

Getting entrepreneurial

Laziness used to be honest the commence, obviously.

Yu, then aloof a student, snappy started experimenting with different tutoring programs, which ranged from Facebook videos to a web previous paper bank.

Although neither labored, they impressed the premise which would plod on to turn out to be Snapask.

“After watching my videos, quite a few students started messaging me their questions. That certainly gave me the premise: ‘Hiya, why make no longer we honest strive and monetize this?'” Yu urged Tech In Asia last 300 and sixty five days.

So, along with a crew of freelance programmers, he space about constructing a prototype of an on-demand Q&A app.

Snapask in action

Beneath the Snapask mannequin, students upload a inquire or photo of their difficulty to the app, sooner than algorithms identify and alert basically the most precisely qualified local tutors.

The quickest tutor to reply — in total taking much less than 5 seconds — is then assigned the job and begins a one-on-one, in-app messaging session with the scholar. Snapask’s utility then analyzes the conversation to video display and rate the quality of instructing.

The app works on a subscription foundation, whereby students pay for a month-to-month inquire allowance. Currently, these differ from $43 to $86 month-to-month.

Tutors, who must bear A grades of their chosen specialism, designate in step with selection of questions answered. They’ll abet quite loads of students concurrently and on the whole designate around $2,000 month-to-month answering 2,500 questions.

“Like Uber drivers,” tutors are no longer straight away contracted under Snapask, in step with Yu.

After graduation, Yu labored three jobs — one fat-time banking feature and two tutoring roles — to fund the mission. His $40,000 investment used to be later matched by local Hong Kong commence-up incubator program, Cyberport.

Turning to work on the enterprise fat-time, Yu started recruiting tutors and signed up 300 student tutors from his dangle college for the length of the first few days. Inner months, hundreds of tutors and tens of hundreds of students had signed up.

“I enlighten, basically, that they had the similar difficulty as smartly,” he said, noting the time-ingesting nature of aged tutoring.

Changing the face of coaching

Snapask now handles approximately two million questions month-to-month, all the plot in which by strategy of markets in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Unique Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. The company straight away employs 80 workers to handle app operations.

Yu said he believes the enterprise has helped spoil down boundaries to training and given students bigger alter over how and what they study. He said that is been especially helpful in emerging economies, the effect salvage admission to to trusty training will also be complex.

Snapask’s Q&A app interface


“The larger the nation, the bigger the problem it is,” said Yu. “Elegant tutors from trusty universities are in total in predominant cities, so it reach educational resources from other second, third-tier cities would be fairly lower.”

That links to Yu’s bigger ambitions to abet reinvent the studying system.

“The motive I started the corporate is (attributable to) a standard mistrust in the contemporary training system and the plot in which it will likely be,” said Yu. “So unheard of of faculty instructing (is) no longer relevant to unswerving life.”

“What we need to trade is other folks’s skill to self-study by asking questions,” he persisted. “We desire the scholar to manipulate it.”

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Timothy Yu, founder and CEO of Snapask, and chief monetary officer, Terry


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