Street Art In Store art wall Fineco Bank: the mural L'Araldo in Corso Garibaldi in Milan

Street Art In Store art wall Fineco Bank – A work created for Fineco Bank from the union of the creative forces of MacCann Worldgroup Italia, Clear Channel Italia and Street Art In Store, a brand of Galleria Prada, transforms Corso Garibaldi, confirming the winning partnership between advertising and the expressive beauty of a murals.

Street Art In Store art wall Fineco Bank: the interview with Loste

“The Herald” is an art wall of about 200 square meters created by the street artist Lost, and it is not only a quality artistic intervention, but above all the free and unconditional expression of the artist in interpreting the theme of innovation that arises from the relationship between man and technology, proposed by Fineco Bank.

As Loste says: “Street Art is direct, strong and has an unparalleled communicative power. Therefore, choosing to use a language like this without imposing any artistic constraint implies a great desire for the future on the part of Fineco, abandoning the traditional canons of communication. “

A relationship between art and advertising chosen by Fineco Bank and signed by Street Art In Store which is characterized by its uniqueness and the ability to dialogue with the environment. In fact, the work not only adapts to the surface that hosts it, but is also a stimulus to the artist’s creativity. Each art wall is in fact a unique piece, it cannot be replicated, it creates interest and captures people’s curiosity.

Details to be discovered, graphic refinements and nuances to be grasped constitute an invitation for passers-by to stop and get lost, even if only for a moment, in the features of a woman with features that touch the divine, bewitched by the luminous and peculiar flicker of the future that awaits us in which the perfect symbiosis between man and technology will reveal true beauty.

Loste continues: “These contrasts, created with art, show how classicism meets the future naturally, giving life to the most extraordinary of daughters, Innovation. As in a mythological tale, this union generates a new light capable of guiding the transit from the past to the contemporary, a place where the pages of tomorrow are still being written by the hand of the People, eager for an improvement based on respect. of everyone and that reserves an eye towards Nature. The tension of the marble body, a material inextricably connected to the earth, in fact gives all its attention to the robin, bearer and keeper of positive values ​​such as hope, harmony and is the symbol of the transition from winter to summer. It is a real winged good omen, modeled and transformed by steampunk elements with the aim of transmitting a small short circuit in the mind of the users, causing an anachronism that strikes and fascinates. “

The new art wall is part of the recovery project of a wall of the building in Corso Garibaldi 81, using art to unite people. This mural not only gives greater dignity to the urban context but underlines to those who will see this work every day, the beauty, the commitment, the determination but also the inspiration that art is able to give to people. These are the goals of Street Art In Store and Clear Channel Italia, which together gave birth to this redevelopment project that began with the first mural in October 2020 for the launch of the Galaxy S20FE line for Samsung Italy.

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