Dani Alves FACE-OFF: the new Brand Ambassador, the campaign

Dani Alves FACE-OFF: the new Brand Ambassador, the campaign

Dani Alves FACE-OFF: the Brazilian footballer is the new Brand Ambassador of the visor with the dual functionality of Safety & Glam!

Dani Alves FACE-OFF – The Brazilian footballer has chosen to become the Brand Ambassador of FACE-OFF – High Definition Vision, the visor-lens that thanks to an avant-garde technology filters UV rays, allows a clear and very high definition vision, shields from the droplet and prevents touching the face. Remarkable performance and design united in a single fashion accessory.

The campaign was shot in Sao Paulo by Sam Robles, a well-known Brazilian photographer specializing in portraits of sports champions and models from the world of fashion.

“When Lele Danzi introduced me to Face-Off” declares Dani Alves “I immediately understood its power and I decided to promote it by becoming her face. Of course, the face: I can be seen and looked in the eye when I wear it. ” jokes the champion, who concludes “I won’t leave her anymore, she is always with me on every occasion.”

Dani has already started telling Face-Off from her Instagram profile @Danialves where she writes “A different way to take care of my people” (a different way of taking care of my people) and more “Face off, a different style of protection, of allowing yourself to practice some safe sports, of not letting you lose your care and your element. We are producing a Crazy way to take care of all of you ” (Face-Off, a different style of protection, allowing you to play some sports safely, while protecting you with elegance. We are producing a crazy way to take care of all of you).

Face-Off is a highly performing protective visor that transforms the functional into ‘beautiful’ in the perspective of a futuristic design. The visor is a lens with a solar filter, enveloping and is composed of three sheets assembled by means of an engineering technology, so as to be photochromic or polarized, anti-fog and resistant. It is also possible to lift it by rotating it in three positions.

The colored band that wraps the garment has been developed to give absolute comfort with an eye to sustainability: it is in eco-leather with anti-sweat padding, completely without seams. The color palette is developed in 12 chameleon shades thanks to the lenses that are each time elegant or exuberant, bold or romantic, mirrored or shaded, opaque or transparent.

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