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Bershka Denim Hack spring 2021: the new limited edition capsule collection focused on patchwork.

Bershka Denim Hack primavera 2021 – The brand returns with the third version of the limited edition project completely conceived and produced in Spain. This collection also carries the label Bershka Join Life Re-Made for exclusive garments that have been made entirely using garments from previous collections.

Bershka Denim Hack spring 2021: the video

The third chapter of the Denim Hack collection it’s all about patchwork and creates a softer feel. The color palette is totally different from the two previous installments, with khaki and beige as the protagonists and touches of red that give a strong touch of utilitarian style.

The women’s collection features a solid construction and includes garments such as a mini skirt, unisex jacket, 90s straigh cut jeans and a bustier top to create a military-looking look. The clothes blend together, imitating a denim armor.

As for the men’s collection, includes a jacket and pants with the same unisex patchwork, plus shorts and a top with zipper for a more casual look. Each drop constitutes a unique capsule collection of its kind, in which each item is, at the same time, a piece of clothing and a small work of art. Each piece in the collection is absolutely unique, limited to a stock of just 120 units and sold exclusively online.

Each piece is made 100% by leftover to give a new personality to items from past collections. Pattern makers, pattern makers and designers worked together to minimize waste and create unique and special pieces in denim. The production method is simple but challenging. After the denim is completely unstitched, the fabrics are taken to the cutting department where the pattern makers work to start marking and joining the pieces.

Then it’s up to the tailor’s shop. Each garment must be recreated according to the chosen design. Each piece travels to the different Bershka departments and receives special treatment from each. The result of this collaboration is a one-of-a-kind capsule in which each item is both a piece of clothing and a small piece of art.

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